Category: Supporters

People who support the trails by membership on the Steering Committee or members of the EVTA mailing list.

EVTA and the Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Elkin Valley Trails Association is partnering with Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway-Northern Highlands Chapter to help the National Park Service/Blue Ridge Parkway maintain the Basin Creek Trail in Doughton Park on the Parkway.  Thank you volunteers – you’re awesome!

It’s a Community Effort

Thanks to the Town of Elkin for their support and encouragement and for their trail planning and development! Please join our efforts – it’s all about community! Please contact us to donate your time, money and energy to make our historic trails and greenways…

Hello trail enthusiasts!

The goal of the Elkin Valley Trails Association is to increase our local quality of life by building a wonderful trail system for our community.   We are working with the Town of Elkin, engaged citizens, community volunteers, corporate supporters and others to make…