Trips for Kids – Elkin Valley

Trips for Kids Elkin Valley is a local chapter of the national Trips for Kids organization ( which provides transformative cycling experiences for kids to promote healthy, recreational lifestyles, environmental awareness, and personal empowerment for young people. We believe that every kid in every community deserves the opportunity to know the joy of riding a bike while enjoying the freedom to explore the natural world on two wheels.

Trips for kids Elkin Valley was formed in October 2020.

We have 20 donated bikes which are available for kids in need. Every ride has a ratio of 1 adult for every 4 kids.

Every kid is provided a helmet and we review bike safety and trail etiquette before riding 3.5 miles on the Elkin and Alleghany Rail trail.

To schedule a ride for your school or church group, fill out our contact form at the bottom of the page.

Building Self-Confidence Group trail riding helps to build confidence that carries over to the classroom with improved academic performance, better grades and healthier, happier social interactions.

Bonding with Peers Participating in positive and healthy adventures brings kids together, benefiting everyone, especially kids from underserved communities.

Connecting with Nature Riding bikes in natural areas can foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of nature and instill environmental values that can last a lifetime.

Fun and Healthy Physical Activity Riding bikes develops an increased understanding of the benefits of exercise and good nutrition. Kids may notice improved fitness levels, especially those who participate in multiple rides.

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