New Site Feature Added

A form has been added to allow anyone to report an issue or concern with the EVTA trail network.  Citizens are also encouraged to provide  suggestions for improvements.  Look under the Trails tab at the top of the page – Report an Issue

Elkin to Host Friends of the Mountains to Sea Trail Annual Meeting in 2017

The Elkin Valley Trails Association is proud to be an active partner with the Friends of the Mountains to Sea Trail (FMST) as we promote trail building between Stone Mountain and Pilot Mountain State Parks.  Many of you are already Friends of the MST and are aware of everything they are doing to support this 1,100 mile NC trail.

It was announced at the recent FMST Annual Meeting at Elon University that the 2017 annual meeting will be in Elkin. Mark your calendars for the weekend of February 3rd, 2017 as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the MST and host attendees with a weekend of activities in and around our fair town.

Visit Friends of the Mountains to Sea Trail to sign up and to learn more.

Birding Map Added

Thanks to the hard work of some EVTA members, we now have a birding map for to show the hot spots on our in-town trail. Whether you’re an ornithologist or a recreational bird watcher, it’s time to grab the binoculars and go.  Check the Trails/Maps tab above to view the map .

Trails Update

Statewide there is only one place where 3 major trails come together….Elkin! The Mountains to Sea trail and the Yadkin river trail are both state sanctioned. The Over Mountain Victory Trail is a federally sanctioned trail. Elkin Valley Trails Association, through all volunteer efforts and donations, supports all three trails….constructing, maintaining and publicizing. Please join us!

Check out our Trails section to read about trails that are now open or where we have built facilities for public use. Updates will be added as additional sections are completed.

Trail Work Continues

Recent trail work includes trail maintenance jobs such as repairing signs.  But there’s new activity going on this summer too. We’ve had lots of new trailblazing activity including the mountain bike course.  Bridges at Grassy Creek Winery and the new 180-foot bridge in Elkin are also under way.

Check back for dates on upcoming work days. trail work dayTrail Sign by Rythm on Main