Wells Knob Section

Wells Knob Section – Mining Ridge Ch. Rd. to Roaring Gap Rd.

  • Trail length: 3 miles
  • Difficulty: easy to strenuous
  • Surface: Most natural surface, some gravel road

The Eastbound trail head can be found on the right side of “Wit’s End Eventing” gravel driveway 700 feet from Roaring Gap Road.  The driveway is located 1/2 mile east of the junction of Roaring Gap Church Road and Roaring Gap Road.  The clearly marked trail leads 1/8 mile to a bridge crossing a tributary of the Elkin Creek.  The trail follows this creek crossing a second bridge for another 1/4 mile where it makes an “S” turn away from the creek.

For the next 1/2 mile the trail continues a moderate to easy climb.  As you near the base of Wells knob you encounter six switchbacks as you rise to the top of the knob.  This next 1/2 mile ends in a strenuous uphill section before reaching the top.  The trail continues to the right and straight down for approximately 500 feet before turning left onto a long flat 1/8 mile forest road.  Make a right where it dead-ends into another forest road and go 700 feet to a gate.  The trail leads around the left side of the gate and continues down the forest road following the power line for 1/4 mile.  Take a right on the gravel road for 1/2 mile leading down to Mining Ridge Church Road.

The Westbound trail starts at the junction of Mining Ridge Church Road and a gravel private road with a sign “Wells Knob Road”.  Follow the road 1/2 mile up hill to where it levels and enters the woods.  Take a left continuing uphill on the old power line road for 1/4 mile.  The trail leads to the right around the gate.  Continue 700 feet and take a left on a marked forest road.  Go straight and level for 1/8 mile.  Then bear right and uphill for 500 feet to marked trail on left.  The next 1/2 mile starts with a strenuous downhill followed by six switchbacks.  The trail continues for another 1/2 mile to a creek crossing.

The next 1/4 mile follows the creek with two bridge crossings before a short climb to “Wit’s End Eventing” driveway.  Turn left and proceed 700 feet to Roaring Gap Road (1/2 mile east of the junction with Roaring Gap Church Road).


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