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People who support the trails by membership on the Steering Committee or members of the EVTA mailing list.

Elkin Creek Mountain Bike Course

Elkin Creek Mountain Bike Course is now open! Access is from the E&A Rail Trail/MST (the main trail running north of Elkin Municipal Park). Please be courteous…all users yield to mountain bikers! Please follow usage instructions on the trail.  We’ll announce a Grand Opening…

A truly Grand Opening of our new bridge

Sunday October 2, EVTA celebrated the official opening of our new 178-foot bridge.  We were blessed by a beautiful fall day with lots of dignitaries, trail workers, and guests.  This bridge was a labor of love and hard work.  Our Facebook page has the…

Carter Falls a Park? It Could Happen.

Carter Falls is located on 50 acres of private land near Elkin. EVTA is working to make this special place into a park.   See the full story.

New Site Feature Added

A form has been added to allow anyone to report an issue or concern with the EVTA trail network.  Citizens are also encouraged to provide  suggestions for improvements.  Look under the Trails tab at the top of the page – Report an Issue

Birding Map Added

Thanks to the hard work of some EVTA members, we now have a birding map for to show the hot spots on our in-town trail. Whether you’re an ornithologist or a recreational bird watcher, it’s time to grab the binoculars and go.  Check the…

Mountains To Sea Trail UNC-TV Segment

In case you missed it, here is a December 16th UNC-TV segment about the Mountains To  Sea Trail and how the Elkin Valley Trails Association fits into the larger plan.

Trails Update

Statewide there is only one place where 3 major trails come together….Elkin! The Mountains to Sea trail and the Yadkin river trail are both state sanctioned. The Over Mountain Victory Trail is a federally sanctioned trail. Elkin Valley Trails Association, through all volunteer efforts…

Trail Work Continues

Recent trail work includes trail maintenance jobs such as repairing signs.  But there’s new activity going on this summer too. We’ve had lots of new trailblazing activity including the mountain bike course.  Bridges at Grassy Creek Winery and the new 180-foot bridge in Elkin…

Snowy Trails

Updated with round two of 2015 snow days.


Who says there’s nothing good on television anymore? Elkin was featured on the February 5th, 2015 episode of UNC-TV’s North Carolina Weekend, with special emphasis on the EVTA’s work and vision. Watch as Dr. Bill Blackley shares that vision.