Duck & Turtle Regatta 2019 Fundraiser

The Duck and Turtle Regatta selling has gone digital…
THAT’S RIGHT : you can now get your duck or turtle thru our online store! Don’t worry we’ll still be old school…when it comes to the ducks and turtles floating down the river (after the Pumpkin Festival) !¬†ūüėā

So if you don’t have time to physically visit us or just want in on the action NOW- this is it.

Also, you can visit us at the Farmer’s Market or the Pumpkin Festival for your chance to donate and potentially win a prize.
(if you have an item/prize you’d like to donate, please contact us- )

Plus, share the online option with your friends on the West Coast….in Bermuda, and elsewhere…they too can get in on the D&T Regatta!

These donations benefit the Elkin Valley Trails Association and Yadkin Valley Rotary Club.

*online D&T purchase costs $5.50 per chance- to account for credit card processing fees (or select the combo deal- getting 2 Ducks and 2 Turtles or 4 of one kind at the cash rate of $5 each = $20 donation, 4 chances of winning a prize)

Duck & Turtle Online Purchase

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