EVTA 10 Year Challenge

Are you ready for the EVTA 10 Year Challenge?

This challenge was created to give you a chance to enjoy hiking, biking, and river experiences in the Elkin Valley in celebration of the EVTA 10 Year Anniversary. By completing all challenges below between March 1 and December 31, you will be recognized on social media and the EVTA website for your accomplishment. We will also draw for door prizes at the end of 2021. With that in mind, here are the challenges.

Hike or run the following trails:

1. E&A Rail Trail at Elkin Municipal Park
2. Forest Bathing Trail at Grassy Creek Vineyard
3. Mountains-to-Sea Trail at Carolina Heritage Vineyard
4. Power House Trail at Carter Falls
5. Mountains-to-Sea Trail at Wells Knob
6. Hike, run, or ride horseback to Combs Rock at Stone Mountain via MST and Horse Trail
7. Mountains-to-Sea Trail to Wolf Rock from Stone Mountain Backpack Parking Lot
8. Sawyers Trail via MST (Near Stone Mountain Country Store)

Biking Challenge:

9. Ride a bike on a trail at the Elkin Municipal Park (E&A Rail Trail or a mountain bike trail – Iron Falls, Elkin Creek, and/or Possum Shot)

River Challenge:

10. Explore the Yadkin River from Roaring River or Ronda to Elkin or explore any Yadkin River Segment on the MST blueway between Elkin and Pilot Mountain State Park.

Make sure to share pics as you complete the challenge on social media using hashtag #EVTA10CHALLENGE.

You can find maps of our trails at https://elkinvalleytrails.org/our-area-trails/maps/

Once you complete all 10 challenges, please send a picture from each challenge to hikes@elkinvalleytrails.org with the date all challenges were completed.

We look forward to seeing you on the trail or river in 2021!

** Thank you to Joanna Davis for our 10 Year logo! **

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